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The Challenge

Organizations are relying more on teams to keep pace with the challenges of an unpredictable world. Today 90% of organizational output happens through team. Team Effectiveness is a universal problem.  Organizations are challenged to manage teams effectively.

Introducing our Product

Our Team Diagnostic Profiler (TDP) is a powerful cloud-based software platform that enables teams to continuously assess and improve their operating performance and increasing team effectiveness by up to 25% producing measurable results of up to 25% improvement across teams.

TDP is incredibly easy to set-up and use. Designed for company wide use, TDP is supported by a corporate team strategy to cascade it throughout your organization

Self-serve and managed by team leaders, team members take just 5 minutes to complete the TDP Online Survey, ideally once a quarter or more.

TDP produces instant online reporting to help team leaders assess optimal team functioning and follow the TDP process to develop improvement actions.

TDP quickly becomes part of your own Business and HR processes and integrates easily with your existing business metrics.

TDP can easily integrate with your existing Business Processes and key Operational and Performance measures.

Clients Who Love Us

Where we have deployed TDP we have observed a 15-20% improvement in team effectiveness

Mike Elliott
Mike ElliottEVP – People jetBlue

TDP is a great corporate wide self-service product to really boost team performance

Adrienne Eacrett
Adrienne EacrettOrganisational Development ESB

We are the only provider solely focused on Team Effectiveness

We are the only provider offering a self-serve, continuous assessment Team Performance solution that can fully integrate with your performance systems and key business process indicators.

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Why not get started today and evaluate the potential of TDP for yourself? Our TDP Trial lets you do just that – and on a team of your choice!

We will set up your team who complete two TDP Surveys over a month. After we issue their TDP Team Survey and produce their TDP Assessment Report which shows how well your team is functioning and enables them create their own Personal Progress Roadmap.

After our TDP trained consultant will discuss in detail its findings with your team, highlighting any issues and recommending actions as necessary and leading an Online Facilitation Feedback session.

You receive their report along with any materials and guidance to manage the team feedback process. This includes the TDP Analysis Worksheets and our comprehensive TDP Facilitator Guide.

All this and your HR and OD specialists get to see TDP in action, gain experience in using it and evaluate the impact on your chosen team!

And right now for limited time only, the cost of our TDP Trial will be offset from your first contract. There is no better time to try TDP!