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    TDP easily integrates with the leading HR and Team Performance systems

TDP is compatible with all leading team behavioural based instruments and designed for parallel and continuous use. TDP is deployed continuously by a team in a self-serve mode providing an ongoing check point, focusing a team on the critical elements of their performance in terms of effectiveness.

“Team success requires ongoing dialogue, information, diagnostics and reflective discussion, supported by validated tools.  We at Belbin, recognise the value of The ODD Company TDP methodology for teams and see this approach as compatible with Belbin. Both approaches will support team effectiveness and together the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts.” BelbinLogo6

We are currently seeking suitable OD and HR focused organizations and consultants who wish to add a truly outstanding and proven Team Performance improvement product and methodology to their own offering.

We have developed powerful and structured, easy-to-learn programs for each major TDP element to support the implementation.  These include:

  • Developing a Corporate Team Strategy (CTS)
  • TDP Administration
  • TDP Interpretation
  • TDP Expert (includes train the trainer)
  • Alpha/Omega Team Development

Alpha and Omega team programmes are designed for senior leadership teams – CEO Team and Director (EVP) Teams – vital to widespread adoption within the client, and rollout strategies to cascade TDP to the entire organization.

We make all supporting material available as part of our licencing agreements with Partners providing our Partners with substantive additional revenue generating opportunities.

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