• Only provider focused solely on Team Effectiveness

    TDP is a uniquely effective approach to Team Performance improvement
    We deliver up to 25% improvement in effectiveness

With TDP as a platform we have developed an integrated methodology to support organizations deliver a comprehensive strategy to drive and deliver team effectiveness.


  • Deliver Corporate-Wide Strategy
  • Have an Effectiveness Model & Methodology-based Solution
  • Integrate with HR Systems and Processes
  • Enable Client Standards
  • Are Self-Serve with Low Touch Training
  • Provide Continuous Assessment and Survey to Survey Comparison


  • Easy-to-Understand
  • Fast and Actionable with Relevant Outputs
  • Designed for Mass Adoption
  • Scalable Enterprise Grade Software
  • Easy-to-Use with a Modular Platform
  • Affordable Across the Entire Organization

A corporate team strategy (CTS) is essential if the correct approach and support for teams is to be in place. Anything less will substantially inhibit the potential of teamwork in the organization.


Teams are the most important production unit of organizational life. Teams come in all shapes and sizes. They are created and disbanded with a high degree of regularity and frequently change in terms of objectives and composition. However, the vast majority of organizations do not have a corporate team strategy (CTS) and the approach to team development for many is ad hoc.

Teams are taken as a given and expected to perform. When a team struggles, the organization might intervene with a team initiative and, more often than not, this is one-off in nature. It is not an intervention embedded in a strategy that has been designed to deliver the most appropriate team skills and behaviours for that organization.

In many cases the nature of team intervention for can be different across an organization with no connection between the initiatives being deployed.

A corporate team strategy (CTS) is essential if the correct approach and support for teams is to be in place. Anything less will substantially lessen the potential of teamwork in the organization.


Because our approach to Team Effectiveness is unique we are in fact complimentary to other team assessment providers.

“Team success requires ongoing dialogue, information, diagnostics and reflective discussion, supported by validated tools.  We at Belbin, recognise the value of The ODD Company TDP methodology for teams and see this approach as compatible with Belbin. Both approaches will support team effectiveness and together the whole can be greater than the sum of the parts.” BelbinLogo6

The differences in approach are simple and clear
Compatible providers TDP is focused on
Based on Personality and Behavioural Traits Team Effectiveness Drivers
Are once off Versus Corporate Wide Every Team – Corporate wide
Provide Static Assessment Continuous Self-Assessment
Do Not Offer Integrated Strategy Dynamic Operational Improvement through CTS
Require Expert Support Self-Serve for Team Leaders


TDP integrates easily with your existing Business and HR metrics covering such areas as Performance Management, Financial Performance, Internal Team Benchmarking, Staff Attrition, Absenteeism and Leadership Profiling.

And thanks to its modular design TDP seamlessly integrates with your existing HR and Business processes.