All teams regardless of level, type and specialisation should regularly assess their own operation and modus operandi. Not all teams can be as effective as each other, but all teams can be more effective than they are at any given time. The vast majority of team meetings are operational and seldom schedule time for the team to consider its own operation. Without a regular review of the critical factors of team effectiveness a team cannot realise its full potential.

This on-line Team Effectiveness Audit is comprised of 10 multiple choice questions. The statements relate to some fundamental aspects of the team’s operation and how recently these have been considered by the team.

When you have completed the Audit your Team Report Card will be displayed. The report card will indicate an overall effectiveness score and recommend some actions for you to consider.

To answer the audit, simply select your response to each statement by pointing and clicking your mouse on relevant answer and then “next” to progress.

At the end of the audit you will have the option to print off your Team Effectiveness Audit Scorecard.

Please note, the data you enter is confidential to you. You will not be asked for your name, contact details or company information. Data recorded is anonymous.

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